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Fan Write Friday: “We Stick Together, We Can See It Through”


(Apologies for the late post, Peoples. Hopefully things will be quieting down on my end enough to keep these things on time in the future. And on Fridays, as the name would imply.)

Buddy. Comics. 

Buddy anything, really. Whether it be movies (The Frisco Kid), music (“Goodbye Earl”), or - of course -  Comics (Harley & Ivy). Traditionally, the Buddy genre of entertainment centers on two (or sometimes three) people of the same sex with contrasting personalities who are put together to face a common enemy/accomplish a common goal.

Examples of great Buddies can be found throughout mainstream comics. Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, Luke Cage/Iron Fist, Power Girl/Terra, Captain Marvel/Spider Woman, the list goes on and on. You have a plethora of examples to pull from when you…

Write a buddy comic!

  • Scripts should be 8-10 pages long
  • Original or Existing Characters
  • Due 3/28/14
  • Scripts and critiques can be posted on the Fan Write Friday board

You’ll do great, just let Randy be your guide



In honor of the relaunch of Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel series this week, I’m giving away 3 different aluminum cuff bracelets! Pictured are prototypes of two of the three, "punch holes in the sky" and nos dinosauros icimus with an airplane and dinosaur charm, respectively, and a teensy “Carol Corps” on the inside. The third cuff will be the “official” House Danvers motto—voting is still open here until the end of Friday 7 March. These cuffs are pure food-grade aluminum, which has a very low rate of skin reaction, and the charms are lead- and nickel-free. (You can see my other items at my etsy shop. Hand-stamped cuffs will be popping up there very soon!)

To enter, simply like and/or reblog this post. That’s it! I’m willing to send the bracelets pretty much anywhere in the world since they are quite light (aluminum, yo!), so if you’re outside the US go ahead and enter! I’ll pick three random entries (via RNG) on Wednesday ~6pm CST, and send the winners an ask, so your askbox must be open.

And be sure to buy the comic at your LCS (check out haterfreewednesdays for safe spaces!), online, or digitally on Wednesday 12 March!



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